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Futuraskolan international School of Stockholm

Digital education in the community

Peacocks and Flamingos from Näsby Park went to Elderly Homie. The elderly residents and children did various activities together, such as making Valentine’s Day cards, telling stories, singing and playing games.
This time we also introduced some ICT (digital education) activities to them. 
They used some apps like Gravitarium, Garage band etc. They had so much fun with those interactive apps and said that was something new to them, never did it before! These apps really excited and stimulated them.
We are sharing a small clip.
Enjoy !!
Update – An article on the visit was also featured on Täbydirekt HERE

Swedish Ambassador Joins Futuraskolan in the Philippines

As the 2nd group adds to the numbers already in Legazpi City a special guest joins us on the trip. The Ambassador of Sweden to the Philippines Harald Fries was invited along to see the work and connections that have been made after 4 years of the Global Citizenship Project. This TV spot shows one of our sponsored schools Banquerohan National High School receiving us all with open arms. https://www.facebook.com/makrngbicol/videos/2777246855688939/

This is progression, energy and respect for all to see.

Global Citizen Project TV spot

Currently 34 students , 8 teachers,  are here in the Philippines and more are coming this sunday! We are just starting to get a glimpse of the importance of this project, but we already made the news! 😀

Legazpi City | Maintindihan an ibang kultura an obheto kan linkage program apuera sa mga donasyon sa…

Publicerat av TV Patrol Bicol (Official) Torsdag 6 februari 2020

Ministry of Education Moscow invite.

After this article Language Learning was featured in The Local and subsequently posted to the University of Cambridge Language Center Facebook page, Principal Adriana Marx Norén and our Futuraskolan Preschools have had interested parties far and wide looking at how we work.

Most recently the Ministry of Education in Moscow invited Adriana and Ferdie Sevilla to explore the education system in Russia by visiting a preschool, school, mentor school and high school. They then participated in a discussion with delegates from Finland, Spain, Italy, Estonia, South Korea, Russia and ourselves Sweden.

The discussion was based around what unique aspects each of their respective schools bring to education and Adriana and Ferdie focused on International mindedness and our work with the Global Citizenship project

The Moscow Education minister demonstrated how they worked with large 6500 pupil school size and their structure and development from principals to teachers. A very informative and insightful trip, sharing education practices internationally.

Danderyd preschool shows off their impressive academic processes.

By using the latest technology in the classroom you can create new worlds that allow the curious mind to create and imagine various concepts of science, society and the greater world we live in.

Coupling this with language development and a thematic way of working Futuraskolan preschool children are given a strong base for a global mindset.

read more here; in an article published in mitt i Danderyd.

Bilingual pre-school with a global mindset

Newsletter from Fieldwork Education

Over the past year Futuraskolan has been receiving recognition both nationally and Internationally for the amazing academic results our students have achieved. Recently one of our teachers from Futuraskolan International Gåshaga, Ms. Naglaa El Hateem, was asked to present her process at Fieldwork Educations annual teachers conference in London. Naglaa’s presentation on moving the students personal goals from the abstract to the concrete with second language learners was met with marked enthusiasm. We thank you for your impressive work Naglaa, for representing Futuraskolan with such professionalism and energy and for all your efforts helping us develop the most academically proficiant future world citizens in Sweden.

International Primary Curriculum 2019: London

We would like to say a big thank you to our presenters who shared their experiences at the recent IPC Conference in London. These examples of best practice from various contexts will inspire others to reflect and develop their own IPC implementation.

Naglaa from Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm highlighted the importance of the Personal Learning Goals both within and beyond the IPC thematic units.

She shared practical ideas for moving the personal goals from the abstract to the concrete with second language learners and connecting language arts classes to the IPC units.


Russian TV and Recycling

The Russian television network NTV came to Futuraskolan International Preschool Gåshaga to film our Global citizenship work on recycling . It is one of the the largest TV networks in Russia with an average of 5.4 million viewers every week. They had an eco theme in the segment and they have used Sweden ( specifically our preschool :)) as an example to inspire the others. I am very proud that the quality education that we offer our students are being noticed not only in Sweden, but in other countries. I am proud to be working at Futuraskolan and I am extremely proud of the pedagogues and the students  that we have. The report is in Russian, but it looks comprehensible:) you will start seeing our preschool at 1 hour and 17 minutes since it is a long news segment . Ferdie Sevilla

The segment on waste and recycling begins at 1:10 with and the preschool appearing at 1:17.


Bergtorp and Laisings Dance School join forces

Futuraskolan International Bergtorp has been offering quality education since 1974 and Laisings providing great dance tuition since 1959. We are proud to be expanding our music profile classes to include dance. Together we will offer a dance profile starting with grade 6 in August 2020. Students will receive a dance lesson per week with professional, expert dance teachers from Laisings. 

Auditions will take place Thursday 14th November 08:00-09:00 at Laisings dance school – sign up now at www.futuraskolan.se and click on “APPLY NOW”.

Cooking for future world citizens

Newsletter September 2019

Sustainability is the word of the day and our focus during the coming school year. 

Adapting to the challenges of today and tomorrow, making sure that our students, your children inherit an earth that is liveable and prospering.


We will do this adaptation process to our sustainability targets step by step.

  • Reducing the amount of beef we serve and increasing the amount of proteins sourced from vegetables and other protein sources with a lower Co2 footprint.
  • Increasing the amount of produce that is locally sourced (as possible).
  • Moving away from a traditional view of a meal that is centered around a main ingredient (protein often meat). Towards a more dynamic view of the meal where many components warm and cold complete a full meal.


Individual health (better for you)

International solidarity (healthy food, sufficient for all, preventing 11 million deaths/year globally)

Environmental impact (the earth they will inherit)

How our menu is written

I often get the question how and on what criterias our menu is written.

We have a menu written, for the whole year. Where we try to gather as many National days and other international festivities for inspiration.

Tuesdays are students choice
Wednesdays we often serve fish
Thursdays are often Vegetarian or rich in proteins sourced from vegetables.

Continuously we, head chefs, seek out constructive criticism from our students. 
We gather this information and meet twice per term to discuss what dishes should remain on the menu and which should be replaced or adjusted.

Of course we also consider what food produce to use, their availability and price. 

Focusing on our three targets:  Swedish – Fresh – In season.

If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas regarding the food that is served at Futuraskolan. Please do not hesitate to drop me a line or two.

Kind regards

Oskar Hagdahl
Head of the Food Department
Futuraskolan International

Word from the CEO Oct 1st

Good morning members of the Futuraskolan International community,

I write to you this morning to express my appreciation and gratitude for all of your tremendous efforts over the past academic year. Late last week Skolverket released the results from the 2018-2019 and they reflect the high expectations and ambitious standards of all of us who are a part of the Futuraskolan movement.

The following free school organizations grade 9 graduating class achieved the following grade point averages:

  • Futuraskolan 277.6
  • Internationella Engelska Skolan 271.0
  • Kunskapsskolan 260.6
  • Vittra 239.7
  • Academedia 231.0
  • Thoren 224.5
  • Europaskolan 241.4

Your efforts and dedication resulted is us being recognized once again as the most successful free school organization in Sweden.

A special commendation as well extends to the families and professionals at Futuraskolan International Rådan who, with a grade point average of 303.8, were recognized in a local publication as being the fourth highest scoring school in all of Sweden. This is a very impressive accomplishment and we commend you for your impressive result.

With structured and engaging leadership, a top flight staff of personnel and an ambitious academic program in place, it’s no surprise that your work has resulted in this recognition.

Those of you who wish to read the article

Niornas slutbetyg på Rådan bland de bästa i hela Sverige

These results speak loudly of the impressive efforts of the entire organizational community.

Every morning the teams at our production kitchens prepare a green salad, a carbohydrate salad, a mixed salad, a vegetarian main course and a general main course. The lunch is then delivered to our various schools and preschools. After being put on display the kitchen staff help make sure our kids are fed, while moving through their lunch schedule, all with an encouraging voice and a smile on their face. That’s an impressive feat! One that deserves recognition and attention.

Our cleaning crews make sure we have warm and welcoming learning environments to enter every morning. Our maintenance team is top notch, and our IT Development team keep the entire organization moving forward and running smoothly. They and our amazing collection of international pedagogues and care givers deserve our thanks for consistently delivering our ambitious programs and policies in a compassionate, vibrant and progressive way.

Probably the most unsung heroes of this accolade are the parents and families in our community. Parents are often the forgotten resource in schools these days. You’re the ones who sit and do homework with your kids at night. You’re the ones who check their planners. You make sure they exercise and eat right. Your engagement on the organizational surveys is always on a high percentage. You’re all taking turns as class representatives. We never have parents skip student development talks. You’re vocal, and engaged, last week I sat in a meeting in the evening with a parent who’s assisting with a food waste initiative we are starting between Futuraskolan and Svenska Kyrkan (hats off to Linnida and Ferdie who are administering the project).

Please take the time this week to reflect on the impressive standard you all have set for our students’ academic and social development. In the last few months we have had one of our preschools work displayed on the Facebook page of Cambridge University (great work Futuraskolan International Preschool Näsby Park) and were invited to host the annual teachers conference for The Nordic Network of International Schools (well done Futuraskolan International Kottla).

In working towards our aim of being an innovator in global education our efforts always begin at home. Fortunately, your work over the past year have placed us in a position to excel beyond our current grasp.

Thank you for all of your tremendous efforts and dedication everyone. I’m honoured to be working alongside of you and am confident that Futuraskolan will continue to be the industry standard through this academic year and far beyond. Have a fantastic week everyone.

Tom Callahan
CEO – Futuraskolan
Erik Dahlbergsgatan 58-62
115 57 Stockholm
Tel: 0767232191