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Futuraskolan international School of Stockholm

Futuraskolan Junior Masterchef

This spring saw the first Futuraskolan Junior Masterchef held at Martin & Servera in Årsta. Grade 6 students in teams of two from Gåshaga, Stockholm, Rådan, Hertig Karl and Bergtorp battled it out against the clock to take the grand prize. It was an amazing, educational and impactful day in the culinary world!

The 10 participants had to produce a dish that contained 2 vegetables that were in season and 1 rich in protein. The judges had a hard time picking the winner and based their decision on cooking techniques, hygiene, presentation, taste and composition (gastronomic and nutrition).

A fun day was had by all and was filmed with the intent to turn it into our own Futuraskolan Junior Masterchef episode, stay tuned…

The judges tasting the winning dish, Homemade pasta ravioli with ricotta and spinach filling, sage butter. Side of grilled zucchini, cherry tomatoes, asparagus and edamame beans in a citrus dressing.

And the winners are…

MUN Conference

Last week we witnesses Futuraskolan exploring and debating the complex topics of Internet Privacy, Animal Testing, Israel vs. Palestine, Euthanasia and Mental Health in the first ever Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm MUN Conference.

The mission of the MUN (mock UN) Conference is to give delegates the training and experience which resembles a true UN debate in a diplomatic and safe environment at Futuraskolan. The MUN group promotes leadership and helps students expand their experience in public speaking, research, writing papers and debating.

Här presenteras hållbara idéer för Sollentunas parker

Take a look at this article about how 2 students from Futuraskolan International Rådan want to implement an idea.


Update to leadership team.

Good afternoon members of the Futuraskolan community,

I write to you today to relay the exciting news that we have an adjustment of leadership planned for the 2019-2020 school year.

One of our finest leaders, Ms Veronna Pomeroy, has graciously agreed to become the next Vice Principal of Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm.

Veronna’s competences are well known across the organization. I was personally fortunate enough to begin working with Veronna when she agreed to become my Student Care Manager after a successful run as the Vice Principal of Internationella Engelska Skolan Täby. It was during this time that I developed a profoundly deep appreciation for Veronna’s methods and manner, and I recommended her to become a Principal in our organization. Sadly for me, she assumed the role of Principal of Futuraskolan International Stockholm in 2018 and continued the excellent tradition set forth by her predecessor, Kevin Munro, helping keep Futuraskolan International Stockholm amongst the leading academic institutions in the Stockholm region.

And now Veronna will be taking her immense talents to our Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm.

Thank you Veronna for your outstanding work to date and we can’t wait to see what you achieve in your new role.


Tom Callahan

New principal – Welcome

Good day members of the Futuraskolan community,

It is with great pleasure and humility that I write you today to introduce to you our newest member of the Futuraskolan leadership team, Mr. Mike Saphir.

Mike made a name for himself in the greater Stockholm area as one of the initial members of the Internationella Engelska Skolan leadership team. As their Head of The Principals Development Group he was personally responsible for providing both direction and vision during the early stages of their organizational development.

In time Mike took his talents across town to the communal environment, cumulating is his present role as Principal of Ensklílda Gymnasium, one of Stockholm’s more prestigious academic institutions.

Mike was inspired by our International approach and by the planned development of our Global Citizenship Program. Having worked as both a school leader and as a member of Amnesty International we are thrilled to have Mike’s experience and expertise on board as we sail into the next phase of our evolution.

Mike will assume the role of Principal of Futuraskolan International Stockholm at the beginning of next school year when his term at Ensklílda Gymnasium is complete.

Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Mike. We are excited to have him on board as we continue our aim to be a key innovator in global education.

Have a great day and welcome Mike!!


Tom Callahan

CEO – Futuraskolan AB

Futuraskolan International school of stockholm and CIS membership

Good morning members of the Futuraskolan community,

I hope this note finds you all well and warmed from this beautiful spring sunshine. It is with pride and admiration that I write to you to relay the news that our amazing leadership team and staff at Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm has recently been granted membership from the Council of International Schools, a global accreditation body with a pronounced global presence.

We are only the 5 th school in Sweden to have been granted this membership, so this is a very impressive accomplishment.

The quality and rigour of CIS International Accreditation is recognized by Ministries and Departments of Education and by independent national associations responsible for the evaluation of schools and universities around the world. The CIS global membership community includes more than 1300 schools and universities in 116 countries. Their vision is to inspire the development of global citizens through high quality international education: connecting ideas, cultures, and educators from every corner of the world.

You can read more about them at their website: www.cois.org

This accomplishment rests squarely on the dedicated shoulders of the teachers and support staff, while under the leadership of Ms. Nicole MacDonald and Ms. Corina Radar. Please be sure to commend them for their tireless professionalism and dedication in achieving this certification.

With this amazing report, and in tandem with our impending International Baccalaureate accreditation process scheduled for the 2019-2020 school year, we are establishing the foundation to continue our ambition of being a key innovator in the field of global education.

Thank you for all of your amazing work Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm personnel and we wish you in the greater Futuraskolan community a fantastic day.

Sincerely, Tom

Oskar’s Corner – A Seasonal Report from the Head Chef

Good afternoon members of the Futuraskolan community,

With the winter season on full display with snow covered forests and candle light in the windows it is the time of year for warm family gatherings and reflection. For us in the food facilities department, creating a healthy and ethical menu for the coming term so that our young learners can have the energy to be diligent with their studies is our focus.

And we also have some exciting events coming up.

Celebrations are always fun and we try find room for as many as possible when we write our menu. This week we will serve reindeer from Jillie, a Sami village in western Jämtland, to help us recognize and celebrate the Sami National Day. As well, we will celebrate the Sri Lankan national day, a great moment for our head chef at Gåshaga (Vishwa Tharindu) who gets to present a buffet from his native country. Soon it will be time for our annual pie baking day, celebrating the 14th March π-day. These are all great fun and hopefully a break from the norm.

We recently took part of The Lancet’s commission EAT, which made an already vivid debate about portion sizes (meat) and what food produce we should choose even more intense. Decisions are yet to be decided upon regarding future strategies and food policies. Only thing being certain is that Futuraskolan will continue to work hard to find the right high quality produce and making the extra effort to work with distributors who represent the ethical values of Futuraskolan. We are meeting the challenges of the future today.

Some of the ways we aspire to meet the ethical challenges of the future are to continue to buy our meats from Svenska Gårdar. All of their meats are coming from farms prized for their animal welfare and the products are made without artificial additives. This is important to us when we choose our purveyors as we aim to serve our students warm and healthy meals that also represent our core values.

Following these guidelines and ambitions, we will once again be serving our students food that is:

Fresh: Never frozen, avoiding semi-finished products.
Swedish: Local produce, aiming for short transport and low CO2 footprint.
Seasonal: Produce in season are flavourful and are sold at the best possible price

Lastly, this month we are making early arrangements for the First Annual Futuraskolan Junior Masterchef cooking competition which will involve our year six students. This is an exciting way for representatives from all of our schools to show off their skills and compete for the title of ‘’Futuraskolan Master Chef’’. With this prize our students will be recognized on our social media sites and their recipe will become a formal part of our lunch services for the 2019-2020 school year. Qualifications are already on their way as a part of the home economics curriculum. The Final will be held in May at Martin and Serveras facilities in Årsta. Please encourage your sixth grade students to talk to their Home Economics teacher about entering this fun competition.

You can find our menu at: https://skolmaten.se/futuraskolan-international/. And if you have questions or concerns about our processes please give me a mail or a call, or drop by my office at Erik Dahlbergsgatan for a coffee and a chat.

We are grateful for your efforts and support and are always eager to receive your feedback.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and we wish you a warm and family orientated term from all of us at Futuraskolan AB.



Global Citizenship @Bergtorp, article in The Local

Good morning members of the Futuraskolan community,

We are proud to share an article with you that appears today in The Local, Sweden’s largest english speaking newspaper, that highlights the outstanding work being done at Futuraskolan International Bergtorp.

The link to the article is here: https://www.thelocal.se/20190123/the-clever-way-this-bilingual-school-in-stockholm-teaches-empathy-futuraskolan-tlccu

We are grateful for the efforts of all of the amazing professionals in the Futuraskolan community and thank you all for keeping such a high standard while ensuring that the learning processes we have in place are progressive, engaging and rewarding. And a special thanks to those members of the community at Futuraskolan International Bergtorp. We are honored to have your dedicated and impactful work on display for the nation.

Have a great day and thank you all again.


Tom Callahan

CEO – Futuraskolan AB

Seasons greetings from Futuraskolan

Good evening and Happy Holidays to all of you in the Futuraskolan community,

I hope this post finds you cozy, warm and inside from the winter chill. The season of solstice brings warm family gatherings, candles and good cheer and a well-deserved, relaxing break for the students in the community.

Festivals of light and winter traditions are amongst the most popular festivals of the year in many cultures.

Pagan Scandinavia celebrated a winter festival called Yule, held in the late December to early January period. As Northern Europe was the last part to Christianize, Scandinavia’s pagan traditions had a major influence on the traditional Christmas celebrations we experience today. Many current Christmas rituals emerged during the difficult winters pagans often encountered. Candlelight conquered darkness and evergreens were valued for remaining green in even the harshest weather. Singing, drinking and dancing, meanwhile, reduced isolation and kept people positive.

For Hindus, Diwali is one of the most important festivals of the year and is celebrated in families by performing traditional activities together in their homes. While Diwali is popularly known as the “festival of lights”, the most significant spiritual meaning behind it is “the awareness of the inner light”. Bodhi Day is the Buddhist holiday that commemorates the day that the historical Buddha experienced enlightenment, while Soyal is the winter solstice ceremony of the Zuni and the Hopi Indians in North America. The main purpose of this ritual is to ceremonially bring the sun back from its long winter slumber.

Light, family, culture and song, these are the common tenants that mark the celebration of the solstice in many global cultures, as well as our local culture at Futuraskolan.

This month we have enjoyed celebrations of song, art and culture both in our local communities and amongst our respective schools. Our Lucia train at Futuraskolan International Bergtorp reached across town and spread to the local community. Our Literary Prize celebration recognized our fine young authors who submitted poetry and essays for publication as a part of our Nobel Day celebrations. Many of our schools are currently working with the theme Traditions as the central theme of their learning units.

A vibrant learning environment based on a celebration of our community. This has been the theme of the term.

Looking forward to 2019 we are excited about what the future has in store for us.

Starting in January we will begin our development process for our International Baccalaureate (IB) Gymnasium which we plan to initiate in 2021. Furthermore, we have a host of community festivals in the works for the spring term 2019.

In March we will all join hands in what I believe is our most festive celebration of the year, The Futuraskolan Music Festival. Here students from all of our schools will treat us to songs, dance routines and instrumentals coordinated by our outstanding music teachers. Please plan to join us, it is a celebration of the creativity and passion that helps define us at Futuraskolan.

Later in the spring our amazing leadership group at Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm will hold our first annual Model United Nations Conference. During this event, students will be given country assignments and will go through the United Nations processes of formal lobbying, writing resolutions and trying to get their input to United Nations policy formally recognized in the General Assembly. It’s an amazing experience for our students. Last year we sent students to New York and Rome to compete in MUN events. Please encourage your grade 7-9 students to ask their teachers about this. There is no better way to be a global citizen than to ensure that your personal beliefs are interweaved into the discussion about global policy.

Lastly, in May and June we will have all of the grade 9 students from the organization together for a fun picnic in preparation for our annual Grade 9 Prom. Here we celebrate as a community the amazing efforts of your young men and women as they embark on their journey to higher education.

When looking at the results from the year we are grateful for the tremendous efforts of the community to help ensure that we remain, from a grading perspective, the number one free school organization in Sweden (275.2 grade point average).

Along with our good fortune comes an ethic responsibility, and I would encourage you to make this a part of your dinner table discussions during this time of year.

When we celebrate with family and friends this year we must keep in mind that outside our doors there exist less fortunate families than our own.

At both Futuraskolan International Kottla and Stockholm our Global Citizenship projects aim to support the members of our global community who do not have the opportunities that we share. By taking our students to elderly centers to read and play music for their members, or going to local churches on the weekends to feed the homeless, to working with PLAN International in their offices every second week, to raising money for our outreach projects across the global, we aim to embody the spirit of giving that is such a core part of who Futuraskolan aims to be.

Please have a talk with your students about how you too can support these projects. By doing so you help us to enforce one of our core beliefs that when you lend a hand to your neighbor you are standing for the goodness and humility that we encapsulate as true global citizens.

Thank you all for a wonderful and exciting term of study. We are grateful for you having chosen Futuraskolan to entrust with the social and academic development of your fine students. This is a show of faith that we do not take lightly and we are dedicated to honoring your trust in us.

Happy Holidays everyone 🙂

Sincerely yours,

Tom Callahan

CEO Futuraskolan

Nobel day & Literary Prize

Good afternoon members of the Futuraskolan community and happy Nobel Day,

In celebration of Nobel Day I’d like to share for your reading pleasure the complete works of the Futuraskolan Literary Prize.

Sweden has a long and vibrant history of literary greats. Taking inspiration from them, we have constructed a yearly Literary Prize competition so that we can put the spotlight on the creativity and diverse wealth of Futuraskolan’s young contemporary authors.

All of the works you will read help to illuminate the vital contemporary issues and demonstrate the transformative power of literature on both thought and culture.

We are deeply honoured that our young artists chose to share their hearts and minds with us in the form of their essay or poetry entries to the prize.

The following are the writers from our schools who have been recognized for excellence in English writing and prose:


Colours of Autumn – The Different Phases of Life by Akshainie Sharan

We the Free Birds in the Zoo by Ella Nilsson

Syria by Duong Thuy Nguyen

Deadly Deception by Aimee Wark

A Man by Sara Bratt

Literary Prize Entry Piece by Julius Gorme

Life Sucks by Anonymous

The Ballade Train by Nessa Moran

Read them all here . Futuraskolan International Literary Prize – 2018


Thank you all . Tom Callahan CEO – Futuraskolan AB