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Healthy Habits

Learning is big business. A great deal of energy is required throughout the school day in order to work well and be active. Futuraskolan International serves healthy lunches to all of our students; the food is tasty, well-balanced and nutritious. Our food is cooked from scratch with a focus on being environmentally friendly, using local and in season ingredients whenever possible. We want to share our passion for good ingredients and food with our students to promote healthy eating habits on their journey to adulthood. Many different types of food is prepared, promoting healthy cuisine from around the world so that our students can be exposed to various types of food and cultures.

At Futuraskolan International, we have pedagogic lunches where our teachers and staff eat together with the students. Through these lunches, we engage with the students and promote well-balanced meals with an even distribution of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables. We work together towards a sustainable mindset in minimizing food waste, developing an environmental awareness, not taking for granted the resources of the earth.


The milk served at our units is partially funded by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund

What's for lunch?

  • Måndag - Vecka 21 Korv Stroganoff med ris
    Gryta på bönor & linser, serveras med ris...
  • Tisdag - Vecka 21 Broccolisoppa & Pannkakor med sylt...
  • Onsdag - Vecka 21 Tempura Stekt torsk serveras med remouladsås, kokt potatis & grönärts sallad
    Bönbiffar serveras med remouladsås, kokt potatis & grönärtssallad...
  • Torsdag - Vecka 21 "Elevens Val" Lasagne Bolognese
    Lasagne på linsragu...
  • Fredag - Vecka 21 “Sticky Pork” Soja- och honungsglaserat sidfläsk Serveras med krispiga grönsaker, heta såser & wokade äggnudlar
    NudelWok på krispiga grönsaker & friterad...

Bon appetit!