Student Health Support - Futuraskolan
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Keeping in peak performance.

Learning and Health
There is a strong correlation between learning and health. An important prerequisite for good study results is a good school environment with trustworthy relationships between staff and students and that students enjoy school and feel good about themselves. The mission of Futuraskolan International’s Student Health is primary on working preventively and promoting good health with the purpose of creating favorable conditions for all students to learn. The efforts of our Student Health is to help create an environment that promotes student learning, student development and a healthy lifestyle as well as to support our students’ development towards their individual educational goals.


At Futuraskolan International all students have access to special pedagogues, learning support teachers, psychologists, counselors, school nurses and school physicians. Our School Health Care Team works preventively by following the students’ psychosocial and physical development and offers regular health surveys, vaccinations and special intervention when needed.


Each school has a Student Support Team (SST) that meets on a regularly basis to monitor current situations in student groups at the school, investigate current needs of individual students and follow up on current cases. SST regularly evaluates its work in relation to academic results of the students and of the work with our valueground. The evaluations help the school to develop health promotion and preventively work on individual-, group- and organizational level.


In order to protect the integrity of our students and guardians in matters related to student health, staff at the school are covered by the provisions of confidentiality when working with student health or support cases.


More information can be found in the Student Health Plan found in the Documentation section.