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Pre-School and Fritids Fees
To attend Swedish Preschools and Fritids (After School Care) there are monthly fees to consider, these depend on your municipality of residency. Please contact your municipality if you have questions regarding how much fee you should pay monthly for preschool and/or fritids for your child(ren). All municipalities, apart from Stockholm Stad, invoice the families directly. It is always important that you inform your school administrator of any changes such as a move to a new municipality, enrollment or un-enrollment to a school, pre-school and/or fritids.


If you are a resident and registered in Stockholm Stad then you will be invoiced by Futuraskolan International’s economy department. Make sure to inform your school administrator if you have any siblings in the household that attend fritids or preschool in or outside of Futuraskolan since the fee is affected by how many children in the household are registered in any form of childcare. If you are eligible for a reduced fee due to maxtaxa regulations it is up to you to inform the school or preschool of this, and to send in the proper documentation for verification before any adjustment is made. Once the school administrator receives this information the economy department will be notified so that you are invoiced the correct amount in accordance with Stockholm Stad regulations.

Stockholm Stad Fee Information in Swedish.


Vendors & Suppliers

Billing Information
In order for invoices to be received and paid for within the correct timeline, it is of utmost importance that they are sent to the correct address and marked with the correct unit within Futuraskolan. The information details below should be given to the vendor of choice by the purchasing staff at Futuraskolan at the time of purchase.


  • Name of Unit (to which the purchase is made)
  • Name of Reference (the person making the purchase)
  • Delivery Address
  • Invoice Address

Electronic Invoice Information:

Futuraskolan AB
Organisationsnummer: 556609-5047
VAN-leverantör: Pagero
GLN number:  7365566095048
E-Mail contact & support regarding invoices:

If email invoices are available these are always preferred and should be sent to email:


If Electronic and E-mail invoices are not available the billing address is:
Futuraskolan AB
Erik Dahlbergsgatan 58-62
115 57 Stockholm

Invoices to the Futuraskolan Organization should always be made in the name of a Futuraskolan unit, not a person.