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Our Curriculum

Futuraskolan International uses three international teaching programs from Fieldwork Education; the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC), the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC). These have been developed to meet the goals in the international and national curricula. The concepts support 21st Century skills and key competencies for lifelong learning and are used all over the world.

Video: Introducing the new International Early Years Curriculum

The IEYC has been developed for children aged 2–5 years old and uses international best practices, holistic enquiry and play-based approaches that cover all curriculum areas including personal, social and emotional development it is designed around eight learning principles, essential to children’s learning and development.

  • The earliest years of life are important in their own right.
  • Children should be supported to learn and develop at their own unique pace.
  • Play is an essential aspect of all children’s learning and development.
  • Learning happens when developmentally-appropriate, teacher-scaffolded and child initiated experiences harness children’s natural curiosity in an enabling environment.
  • Independent and interdependent learning experiences create a context for personal development and are the foundation of international mindedness.
  • Knowledge and skills development lead to an increasing sense of understanding when children are provided with opportunities to explore and express their ideas in multiple ways.
  • Ongoing assessment, in the form of evaluation and reflection, is effective when it involves a learning-link with the home.
  • Learning should be motivating, engaging and fun, opening up a world of wonder for children where personal interests can flourish.

Video: Introducing the new International Primary Curriculum featuring some of our teachers at Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm

The IPC is a learning focused curriculum, designed to help the children learn to enjoy what they learn.

  • Learn the essential knowledge, skills and understanding of a broad range of curriculum subjects
  • Engage with their learning so that they remain committed to learning throughout their school careers and their lives
  • Develop the personal qualities they need to be good citizens and to respond to the changing contexts of their future lives
  • Develop a sense of their own nationality and culture at the same time as developing a profound respect for the nationalities and cultures of others

Video: Introducing the new International Middle Years Curriculum featuring some of our teachers and Principal at Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm

The IMYC is used in Middle School. It provides a balanced education that will equip young people for effective participation in the modern world.

  • It responds specifically to the needs of middle school students by providing independence and interdependence in their learning through discrete subject learning and themes.
  • The IMYC encourages learning that helps students make connections that are relevant to their own lives.
  • It involves active, skills-based learning, promotes self-reflection and encourages students to use the very latest media platforms to present their learning and express their thinking.

Central to the IEYC, the IPC and the IMYC is the development of students knowledge, skills and understanding.