Global Citizenship Program - Futuraskolan
International Curriculum International School of Stockholm

Working at Home – Local – Global

In a world that is full of learning possibilities, Futuraskolan International leads the way in developing international mindedness amongst our students, staff and families. With us, they evolve to become tolerant, attentive, respectful, curious, communicative and contributing individuals to the society and the world around.

Futuraskolan wishes to make more concrete how we work with the development of global citizenship, our international profile, our promise and our value ground. In the development of global citizenship, we want to nurture an action orientation by getting more of our staff and students/children involved in community service and exchange in order to develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. This exchange is intended to happen on both a local, national and international level.

Through feeding programs, home visits, sharing of knowledge and learning the connection between Futuraskolan and the international community is strengthened.

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