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About us

Futuraskolan International Bergtorp is a bilingual school with an international focus and caters for Grades 6-9. The foundation of our education is the Swedish curriculum (LGR 22). In an increasingly globalized and challenging world, we believe that knowledge of languages is essential. A bilingual school means that English and Swedish have equal roles; currently we have ca 35% instruction in English with the aim to increase this up to 50% over the coming years. Not only do the students experience English in some school subjects, but they also encounter and use it within school activities.

We are also working to develop the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) as a way of working in our school. We believe that this International curriculum promotes student curiosity, creativity, participation and commitment. We see that the thematic elements and the topic-integrated approach creates a whole and meaningful context for our students.

Futuraskolan International’s values are based on progressiveness, energy and respect (PER).

Our vision is to be the best stepping stone for future world citizens.

Bergtorpsskolan was built in 1970 as a new, large kommunal middle school. It operated successfully for many generations with many ‘Awards for Quality’ Futuraskolan International took over ‘Bergtorpsskolan’ in 2010. It is one of the seven Futuraskolan schools in Stockholm (2 in Stockholm, 2 on Lidingö, 2 in Sollentuna.) All of our schools are International in style. The school is 6600 sqm close to Viggbyholms station.

The school is comprised of ca 620 students in 23 classes; with a combined staff of 65. The teachers reflect our community with a variety of old/new, male/female, experienced/newly qualified and local/international teachers. The school prides itself in a strong academic program enhanced by the enrichment program. Every student participates in a life skills program at the school.

School Enrichment Programs (Profile Classes):

To complement our International Curriculum and to give students a more personalized learning experience Futuraskolan International Bergtorp offers three Enrichment Programs:

Music and Dance

In the Creative Arts program, students develop their talents in music and drama, sing in school choirs, participate in various concerts and in year 9 perform a musical where the students themselves have written the script and music. Dance in cooperation with Laisings Dance School started in 2020.

Global Citizenship

In Global Citizenship program, we will work with focus on different areas of communication and societal development. Our aim is to give our students an opportunity to broaden their perspectives by looking into the world through various projects in the form of school collaborations and exchanges and other projects where we learn how people live their lives in other countries and how we can be an active participant in global improvement. Sustainable Development, Global Activism and Cross Cultural Exchange Programs are the core working components of this developmental approach. This programme is taught in English and Swedish.

Sports program

The school collaborates with 6 leading sports associations in Täby (Täby Basket, Täby Badminton, Näsby Park Tennisklubb, Österåkers FC, Täby HC) as well as a locally trained Floorball team (innebandy).

Students who choose sports program may exercise their sport during extended school hours in order to develop their skills. We offer football, basketball, badminton, floorball, ishockey, dance and tennis. In physical education, students can try out a variety of sports and at the same time act as coaches for the sports team that participate in various tournaments.

Fitness & Wellness

Students who choose fitness and wellness have an ‘extra’ sports lesson on their timetable. This additional sports lesson with one of our teachers, is the opportunity to do things outside of the normal sports lessons. These activities extend and challenge students to try new sports, unusual sports, plan lessons and use the lessons to test their leadership skills.


We welcome you to Futuraskolan International Bergtorp!


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