Core Values and Promise - Futuraskolan
International Curriculum International School of Stockholm

What is at our core..?

Futuraskolan International has a strong set of values. The core values that we treasure the most are: Progressiveness, Energy, Respect or PER. This should be the guiding principles in our daily work as well as in our relationships with the community outside of our organization. PER should characterize our behavior in everything we do no matter how big or small, our actions should emanate from them when we communicate, inform and make decisions – always.



We are Progressive
We believe in looking forward, continuously evolving and striving to be visionaries. We stop only to evaluate, and always strive to do things better in the future.


We have Energy
We are creative and we take initiative. We are open-minded. We are engaged and try to see every problem as an inspiring challenge.


We show Respect
We are receptive, humble and tolerant. We are proud and clear about what is right and wrong. We believe that respect is something that is earned and something we expect from everyone- students teachers, parents, co-workers and business partners.


Our Promise
At Futuraskolan we have a promise: every child is visible, challenged and successful. We are proactive, empathetic and we aim to develop our students inside and outside the classroom. We are attentive to their individual needs and fully respect them.