Quality and Development - Futuraskolan
International Curriculum International School of Stockholm

Quality and Development

Systematic quality and development at Futuraskolan International is based on the Swedish National Curriculum for pre-schools, schools and fritids. Our vision is to be “the best stepping stone for future world citizens.” We work towards our vision by providing children and students “A Head Start”, “Good Values​​”, “A Promise”, “Healthy Habits” and “A Fun Experience”. These target areas are based on existing national regulations and permeates our work both at the central level as well as at each unit in our daily work. It is the foundation when we are evaluating and develop our organization. The involvement of students and guardians is also important for this development.

The systematic quality work means that we follow up on our operation and analyse the results in relation to the national goals. Pre-school teachers, teachers, fritids staff, school management teams and huvudman gain important information about the quality in our pre-schools and schools by studying student learning and learning processes.

The Quality work of Futuraskolan International is described in our Organization Development Plan and can be found in the Documentation section of the website.