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Futuraskolan international School of Stockholm

School Queues

Queue Procedures for Enrollment

Futuraskolan International’s rules and guidelines for admission to our schools follow the outlined criteria below.

To put your child in a queue, use the link on our website and enter the requested information. Remember to choose the grade level you are applying for and the year you would like your child to start. In some municipalities, you also need to put your child on the municipality’s queue- you can check this with the municipality or the principal at the relevant school.

We receive new students on a regular basis in our classes and preschool groups throughout the school year.

Futuraskolan International utilizes two main guidelines for admitting students into our schools:

Sibling Priority

Applicants who have siblings attending one of our schools has a priority on our queue for that same school, regardless of their location on the queue. However, you must actively inform the school principal or school administrator that you are entitled to sibling priority.

If no sibling priority is applicable, admission is granted on the basis of a student’s placement in the queue, based on the date of the application. The student with the longest time on the queue is offered the first available spot. This applies regardless of where you live.

Special Exceptions for Admission to Futuraskolan International School of Bergtorp

At Futuraskolan International Bergtorp, admission tests are given to students applying for our athletics and music programs. Admission tests for the athletics programs are conducted by our Physical Education teachers in cooperation with local instructors from several sports associations in Täby. Admission tests for the music programs are administered by the school’s music teachers. There are no special requirements for students applying to the International Communication program.