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Futuraskolan international School of Stockholm

Words from the CEO

Here you can find words from the CEO as a pdf.

Stockholm 15-06-2017

Words from the CEO, June 2017

Outside the sun is shining and inside our pre-schools and schools there is a febrile activity reminding us that summer stands for the door with all that means. It also reflects the thought that a school year full of learning and exciting development, once again passed by. I have now been the CEO of Futuraskolan International for 3 years and before writing this letter I have enjoyed myself by looking into my previous CEO letters. Partly to remind me of all the work done and the development that has taken place, and how far we actually have come in our development, but also to remind me of the endurance required to achieve development and to remain humble for the work that lies ahead.

Futuraskolan International’s target for the year 2021 is to be a leading player in international education and the obvious choice for parents and students seeking an international preschool / school in the Stockholm area. Achieving this goal requires that we have high quality and good results in our operations, that we truly fulfill our vision, promise and core values, and that we actually ”do what we say we do.” It also means to work firmly with the development areas identified to ensure good quality in all areas of our operations. I feel confident in where we are in this process and look forward to continuing this important work.

However, as I am writing this letter it´s still the year 2017, but I dare say that we have come a good way towards our target for 2021. We still have a high level of satisfaction in our surveys, which you will be able to read more about in the coming development plan for the academic year 2017/2018. Linked to our vision to be the best stepping stone for future world citizens, we have also changed our name during the past academic year, as we find that all our pre-schools and schools have come so far in their work of developing the international profile, that we now proudly put our hands on our hearts and call us Futuraskolan International.

Related to our promise, all children and students visible, challenged and successful, based on their own needs and conditions, we have continued to develop our learning processes in both pre-schools and schools as the use of digital tools have continued to increase and support learning. This because the ability to demonstrate knowledge, skills and understanding increases in the meeting between a more traditional learning and new digital tools.

We further notice that there is an ever-increasing interest in our pre-schools and schools, which demonstrates that our international profile, our quality and our good results are likely to make it possible for more and more people to choose Futuraskolan International. This is very pleasing, as it means that more children and students are given the opportunity to take part of what we offer.

The merit rankings of our grade 9 classes is this year between 252-305 points, which are figures well above the national level and place us in the upper layer of the municipalities. The reason for these amazing results is of course a hard and committed work from both students and teachers who have every reason to be proud of the development of knowledge and learning that has taken place so that our students in grade 9 now leave us well prepared as future world citizens, ready to attend the high school studies that now awaits.

I would like to end by thanking you for the past academic year by expressing a big thank you to all children and students who every day, through their curiosity and desire to learn, remind us of how important and fun our work is. I would also like to thank all enthusiastic staff members and managers who, through their leadership and their presence, together create the conditions for children’s and students’ learning to always be in focus. And last but not least, thank you to all parents for the interest and the involvement you express in our joint work and thanks for the trust you give us by sending your children and students to us every day.

Summer carries with it many expectations but sometimes it is important to enjoy the simple and obvious things that make the biggest difference; a walk in the woods, a rousing laughter, a dip in the sea, a warm summer evening in the company of someone who means a lot to you, or maybe a glass of cold apple juice laying in the hammock? With wishes for a great summer!

Peter Bergström, CEO Futuraskolan International