Welcome to Chit Chat -Gåshaga's Podcast! - Futuraskolan
International Curriculum International School of Stockholm
Jun 8 2023

Welcome to Chit Chat -Gåshaga School’s podcast!

Our vision is that every two weeks, Steph and Kat, along with  ‘guest speakers’ (could be a parent, a member of staff etc.) will join a handful of students to discuss and talk about ‘hot’ topics. These topics vary from subject matters that are being discussed in class or by our councellor – ranging from social media, how to stay safe online, gaming and topics related to school – food waste for another example.

Please listen to our episodes on our website and expect more hot topics/discussions in the new term! Click on picture below or scan the QR code for the 10th and final episode of this school year and stay tuned for more to come this Fall Term 2023!