Welcome Rachel! Futuraskolan International Gåshaga - Futuraskolan
International Curriculum International School of Stockholm
Nov 9 2020

Welcome Rachel! Futuraskolan International Gåshaga

Good afternoon members of the Futuraskolan community,

It is with excitement and joy that I write to you today to formally introduce the newest member of our Futuraskolan Leadership Team, Ms. Rachel-Ann Björk. Rachel will assume the leadership of our Futuraskolan International Gåshaga school effective December 1, 2018.

Rachel’s work was first introduced to me when she was named Head of Mathematics at Internationella Engelska Skolan Bromma in 2010. During our time working together she constructed a sound set of academic processes that helped place IESB among the top 20 academic institutions in Sweden.

In time Rachel was entrusted with an expanding set of leadership assignments. She was a member of the team that opened IES Liljeholmen in 2013. As a result of her exemplary work there she was assigned the task of opening three other schools over the coming years, concluding with her accepting the Principal role at IES Alvsjö in 2016.

Rachel brings a dynamic and progressive set of leadership processes to the organization. We are thrilled that she has chosen to honor us by agreeing to work alongside us in our pursuit of excellence.

Welcome Rachel!


Tom Callahan