Oskar’s Corner – A Seasonal Report from the Head Chef - Futuraskolan
International Curriculum International School of Stockholm
Nov 9 2020

Oskar’s Corner – A Seasonal Report from the Head Chef

Good afternoon members of the Futuraskolan community,

With the winter season on full display with snow covered forests and candle light in the windows it is the time of year for warm family gatherings and reflection. For us in the food facilities department, creating a healthy and ethical menu for the coming term so that our young learners can have the energy to be diligent with their studies is our focus.

And we also have some exciting events coming up.

Celebrations are always fun and we try find room for as many as possible when we write our menu. This week we will serve reindeer from Jillie, a Sami village in western Jämtland, to help us recognize and celebrate the Sami National Day. As well, we will celebrate the Sri Lankan national day, a great moment for our head chef at Gåshaga (Vishwa Tharindu) who gets to present a buffet from his native country. Soon it will be time for our annual pie baking day, celebrating the 14th March π-day. These are all great fun and hopefully a break from the norm.

We recently took part of The Lancet’s commission EAT, which made an already vivid debate about portion sizes (meat) and what food produce we should choose even more intense. Decisions are yet to be decided upon regarding future strategies and food policies. Only thing being certain is that Futuraskolan will continue to work hard to find the right high quality produce and making the extra effort to work with distributors who represent the ethical values of Futuraskolan. We are meeting the challenges of the future today.

Some of the ways we aspire to meet the ethical challenges of the future are to continue to buy our meats from Svenska Gårdar. All of their meats are coming from farms prized for their animal welfare and the products are made without artificial additives. This is important to us when we choose our purveyors as we aim to serve our students warm and healthy meals that also represent our core values.

Following these guidelines and ambitions, we will once again be serving our students food that is:

Fresh: Never frozen, avoiding semi-finished products.
Swedish: Local produce, aiming for short transport and low CO2 footprint.
Seasonal: Produce in season are flavourful and are sold at the best possible price

Lastly, this month we are making early arrangements for the First Annual Futuraskolan Junior Masterchef cooking competition which will involve our year six students. This is an exciting way for representatives from all of our schools to show off their skills and compete for the title of ‘’Futuraskolan Master Chef’’. With this prize our students will be recognized on our social media sites and their recipe will become a formal part of our lunch services for the 2019-2020 school year. Qualifications are already on their way as a part of the home economics curriculum. The Final will be held in May at Martin and Serveras facilities in Årsta. Please encourage your sixth grade students to talk to their Home Economics teacher about entering this fun competition.

You can find our menu at: https://skolmaten.se/futuraskolan-international/. And if you have questions or concerns about our processes please give me a mail or a call, or drop by my office at Erik Dahlbergsgatan for a coffee and a chat.

We are grateful for your efforts and support and are always eager to receive your feedback.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and we wish you a warm and family orientated term from all of us at Futuraskolan AB.