Nordic Network Music Festival 2023 - Futuraskolan
International Curriculum International School of Stockholm
Nov 9 2023

First Nordic Network Music Festival held on October 20th in Tibble Teater Täby, Sweden

The very First Nordic Network Music Festival held on October 20th. Six schools participated, our very own Futuraskolan International Kottla, Futuraskolan International Bergtorp, together with British International School of Stavanger, British International School of Stockholm, Viktor Rydbergs Gymnasium and Stockholm International School.

The students together with their music teachers have planned and practised this whole term at their respective schools and on October 20th they finally got together for an all day practice ending this fantastic musical collaboration with a much appreciated concert .

Thank you all students and teachers for putting on a wonderful show!

Nordic Network is an organization that’s been active for 26 years and was initiated by some of the nordic International schools to get to know each other, network, collaborate and support one another and ones common professional development through teachers conferences, school leader conferences and other events.

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this collaboration and music event possible!

We hope this is the first of many Nordic Network Music Festivals. Enjoy!