Ingrid Rosén, Grade 5 Student, Winner in Sustainable Poetry Competition! - Futuraskolan
International Curriculum International School of Stockholm
Apr 7 2022

Congratulations to Ingrid Rosén who through her poem “Vårt vatten”, in English “Our water”, is one of the winners in the Swedish National Sustainable Poetry Competition.

Water was the theme the grade 5 class at Futuraskolan International Rådan worked on in the subjects Swedish, SO, GCP and IPC. The poem has also been animated with the help of Scratch at Makerzone in Sollentuna. All winners will get their poems published in an anthology. We are so proud of you Ingrid!”

Interview with Ingrid:

1. How does it feel?
“I think it feels unbelievable and not quite for real, but I’m super happy.”

2. How did you come up with the idea for your poem?
“I had no idea what to write when I started writing, but after a while my brain was full of ideas and I wrote several poems until I made this poem that won. We had many lessons to work with our poems where we could play with the language and try our hand at it.”

3. What did you want to convey in your words?
“That everyone should be more grateful for the water they have, because you never know how fast it may disappear.”

Original poem in Swedish:

Vårt vatten” Vi ser vatten vart vi än går, men ändå har inte många så. Vi förstår inte hur mycket vi slösar av det vi får. I andra länder slösar man bara för droppen som sågs.

The poem translated in English:

“Our Water” We see water wherever we go, but still not everyone has that. We don’t understand how much of it we waste. In other countries you only waste the drop that was seen.