Futuraskolan places two schools in the Top 10 in Sweden – Information from the CEO - April 11, 2020 - Futuraskolan
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Nov 9 2020

Futuraskolan places two schools in the Top 10 in Sweden – Information from the CEO – April 11, 2020

Good morning members of the Futuraskolan community,

I write to you this morning to express my appreciation and gratitude for all of your tremendous efforts over the past academic year. This morning in Dagens Nyheter there was an article that compared the academic results of the various schools and municipalities in Sweden. Once again we see the reflection of the high expectations and ambitious standards of all of us who are a part of the Futuraskolan movement with two of our schools represented in the top 10.

Here is the key and the published results:

G = Percentage of students who passed all of their subjects

B = Percentage of students who qualify for a national High School program

K = Municipal school

F = Privately owned school

Highest results:


1. Lunds Montessorigrundskola (F) 

20 students, grade point average: 305 

G: 100 B: 100

2. Enskilda gymnasiet grundskola, Stockholm (F)

90 students, grade point average: 304,8

G: 100 B: 100

3. Fredrikshovs slotts skola, Stockholm (F)

33 students, grade point average: 303,9

G: 100 B: 100

4. Futuraskolan International Rådan, Sollentuna (F) 

17 students, grade point average: 303,8

G: 94,1 B: 100

5. Campus Manilla, Stockholm (F)

51 students, grade point average: 303,8

G: 88,2 B: 100

6. Bilingual Montessori School of Lund (F)

33 students, grade point average: 303,6

G: 93,9 B: 100

7. Musikskolan Lilla Akademien, Stockholm (F)

30 students, grade point average: 301,2

G: 80,0 B: ~100

8. Pops Academy, Stockholm (F)

55 students, grade point average: 299,8

G: 100 B: 100

9. Futuraskolan International Stockholm (F)

22 students, grade point average: 297,6

G: 100 B: 100

10. Kungliga Svenska Balettskolan, Stockholm (K)

12 students, grade point average: 297,5

G: 100 B: 100


If you wish to read the article can do so here: https://www.dn.se/nyheter/sverige/skolorna-med-hogst-och-lagst-resultat/


A warm applause is in order for Catharina Tornberg and Veronna Pomeroy (Principal of Futuraskolan International Rådan and former Principal of Futuraskolan International Stockholm) and their amazing teachers and support staff for their inspired work. With structured and engaging leadership, a top flight staff of personnel and an ambitious academic program in place, it’s no surprise that your work has resulted in this impressive set of results.

As well, all of your efforts and dedication have played a large part in the designation of Futuraskolan AB being recognized once again as the most successful free school organization in Sweden.

The following free school organizations grade 9 graduating class achieved the following grade point averages in 2019:

Futuraskolan 277.6

Internationella Engelska Skolan 271.0

Kunskapsskolan 260.6

Vittra 239.7

Academedia 231.0

Thoren 224.5

Europaskolan 241.4

These results speak loudly of the impressive efforts of the entire organizational community.

Every morning the teams at our production kitchens prepare a green salad, a carbohydrate salad, a mixed salad, a vegetarian main course and a general main course. The lunch is then delivered to our various schools and preschools. After being put on display the kitchen staff help make sure our kids are fed, while moving through their lunch schedule, all with an encouraging voice and a smile on their face. That’s an impressive feat! One that deserves recognition and attention.

Our cleaning crews make sure we have warm and welcoming learning environments to enter every morning. Our maintenance team is top notch, and our IT Development team keep the entire organization moving forward and running smoothly. They and our amazing collection of international pedagogues and caregivers deserve our thanks for consistently delivering our ambitious programs and policies in a compassionate, vibrant and progressive way.

Probably the most unsung heroes of this accolade are the parents and families in our community. Parents are often the forgotten resource in schools these days. You’re the ones who sit and do homework with your kids at night. You’re the ones who check their planners. You make sure they exercise and eat right. Your engagement on the organizational surveys is always on a high percentage. You’re all taking turns as class representatives. We never have parents skip student development talks. Please take the time this weekend to reflect on the impressive standard you all have set for our students’ academic and social development and the key role you played in helping us achieve this impressive accomplishment.

In working towards our aim of being an innovator in global education our efforts always begin at home. Fortunately, your work over the past year has placed us in a position to excel beyond our current grasp.

Thank you for all of your tremendous efforts and dedication everyone. I’m honoured to be working alongside of you and am confident that Futuraskolan will continue to be a leading  voice in the national education arena through this academic year and far beyond.


Tom Callahan

CEO – Futuraskolan