Futuraskolan Master Chef 2024 - Futuraskolan
International Curriculum International School of Stockholm
Apr 12 2024

Futuraskolan Master Chef 2024: A Culinary Experience to Remember!

Futuraskolan is proud to present the highlights of our annual MasterChef competition, where our talented 6th-grade finalists showcased their culinary skills at the home offices of Martin & Servera.

This year’s competition was truly remarkable, with five pairs of students from five of our seven Futuraskolan schools: Gåshaga, Hertig Karl, Bergtorp, Stockholm Bilingual, and Rådan, battling it out in the kitchen.

Our young chefs displayed extraordinary creativity and passion, presenting dishes that were both visually appealing and utterly delicious. The judge, Futuraskolan’s Head Chef, Oskar Hagdahl, was impressed by the finalists’ ability to combine flavors, textures, and techniques in such innovative ways.

After a nail-biting competition, Gåshaga’s own Diana & Dexter took the prize and were titled Master Chefs of Futuraskolan 2024. The spirit of collaboration, learning, and fun that filled the air will be remembered by all of our fantastic finalists who participated.

Congratulations to all our finalists for their outstanding performances. We are immensely proud of your culinary talents and the way you represented your schools.

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See our students in action below!