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International Curriculum International School of Stockholm
Nov 9 2020

Futuraskolan International Publishes Grade Statistics

Futuraskolan International today formally publishes the reported grade statistics for our compulsory schools year 9 students for 2019/2020.

It is our belief that transparent and reliable information is important in order for families in our communities to make an accurate school choice for their children. The freedom to choose the school or program that best suits a child’s ambitions is a family’s right that we are proud to support. In order for this freedom to be best utilized, updated and clear information about every school’s performance should be available and easy to find.

Futuraskolan publishes these results independently because the National Agency for Education (Skolverket) has come to the conclusion that they no longer can publish these results based on a ruling from the Administrative Court. Futuraskolan supports the initiatives to change the current legislation so that the statistics can be published by the authorities once again.

School Number of students grade point average % who passed all subjects % who qualified for a University preparatory program % who qualified for a vocational program
Futuraskolan International Stockholm 24 306.58 100 100 100
Futuraskolan International Kottla 109 285.68 98.16 100 100
Futuraskolan International Bergtorp 166 266.2 95.18 97.59 97.59
Futuraskolan International Hertig Karl 25 274.84 92 96 96
Futuraskolan International Rådan 24 292.92 95.83 95.83 95.83


We are proud of the results our teachers and students achieve each year. By employing a comprehensive and systematic approach to student academic achievement and personal growth, our teachers are able to facilitate the learning of the national goals with consistent proficiency. This approach draws on Digital Learning Strategies and connects to the UN Sustainable Goals in every one of our schools and preschools learning units.