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Nov 9 2020

Cooking for future world citizens

Newsletter September 2019

Sustainability is the word of the day and our focus during the coming school year. 

Adapting to the challenges of today and tomorrow, making sure that our students, your children inherit an earth that is liveable and prospering.


We will do this adaptation process to our sustainability targets step by step.

  • Reducing the amount of beef we serve and increasing the amount of proteins sourced from vegetables and other protein sources with a lower Co2 footprint.
  • Increasing the amount of produce that is locally sourced (as possible).
  • Moving away from a traditional view of a meal that is centered around a main ingredient (protein often meat). Towards a more dynamic view of the meal where many components warm and cold complete a full meal.


Individual health (better for you)

International solidarity (healthy food, sufficient for all, preventing 11 million deaths/year globally)

Environmental impact (the earth they will inherit)

How our menu is written

I often get the question how and on what criterias our menu is written.

We have a menu written, for the whole year. Where we try to gather as many National days and other international festivities for inspiration.

Tuesdays are students choice
Wednesdays we often serve fish
Thursdays are often Vegetarian or rich in proteins sourced from vegetables.

Continuously we, head chefs, seek out constructive criticism from our students. 
We gather this information and meet twice per term to discuss what dishes should remain on the menu and which should be replaced or adjusted.

Of course we also consider what food produce to use, their availability and price. 

Focusing on our three targets:  Swedish – Fresh – In season.

If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas regarding the food that is served at Futuraskolan. Please do not hesitate to drop me a line or two.

Kind regards

Oskar Hagdahl
Head of the Food Department
Futuraskolan International