Bilingual Stockholm Tech Fair Featured in CETiS Magazine - Futuraskolan
International Curriculum International School of Stockholm
Sep 18 2023

Futuraskolan Stockholm Bilingual’s most recent grade 9 graduates and teacher Ms. Sheetal Jalan, have been showcased in CETIS September Issue of their renowned magazine – “Teknikundervisning i Skolan”. CETIS- National Resource Centre for Technology Education in Schools, is one of the most prestigious institutes in Sweden that guides the teaching in the subject of technology. The magazine features school technology teachings and projects ranging from F-klass all the way up to Gymnasium in Sweden.

The article presents the Grade 9 Technology Fair which was held in the Spring Term 2023. The fair celebrates the application of engineering principles through grade 9 students’ captivating projects showing their technological explorations.

During the spring term, the students actively worked with innovations pursuing the principles of aerodynamics and motion, fluid dynamics, and mechanical systems as well as sustainable practices in everyday life. Through the Tech Fair, the visitors got their chance to see our learners’ many extraordinary ideas and innovations.

This is a great article showcasing our teacher Ms. Sheetal Jalan and our super-talented students at Bilingual Stockholm, well done we are so proud of all of you!

Click on the below articles for a clearer read also, feel free to read the entire CETIS journal through this link, you can find our featured article on pages 22 and 23.