Sofia Wickström Birdhouse Contest Finalist 2021 - Futuraskolan
International Curriculum International School of Stockholm
Mar 27 2021

Sofia Wickström, Grade 9 student at Futuraskolan International Bergtorp is one of the finalists in Naturskyddsföreningen’s  (Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) Annual Birdhouse contest 2021. The contest takes place every year and serves to help small birds find new homes as well as engage and awaken youths’ interest in nature. This year there were 389 entries in total and Sofia is one of five finalists in the grades 7-9 entry group.

Sofia is one of Futuraskolan’s 9th grade students currently in the Fitness and Wellness Programme at Futuraskolan International Bergtorp. She has been working on her birdhouse during woodshop since the end of 8th grade totalling about 50 work hours. Her entry is called “Bergsprängaren” (Boom Box).

When designing her birdhouse, she was inspired when seeing two old boomboxes on the floor of the woodshop room where the project got started, she decided then and there on her design. According to Sofia, the hardest part and what actually took the longest time in making the “Boom Box” birdhouse was getting the edges round and smooth, which she definitely succeeded in doing. In researching birds for this project, Sofia found that small birds actually love bright colors; this was perfect as she herself is a big fan of bright colors, hence the pretty pink/green look to the birdhouse.

This past year she has been working hard in her studies preparing for gymnasiet, Swedish High School. Her biggest dream is to get into Marina Läroverket in Danderyd and study marine biology; another route she is also considering is studying to become a confectioner. When she’s not in school she trains figure skating. This alone is super special as she injured herself very badly a few years ago, breaking her back and nearly becoming paralyzed. Sofia has worked her way back and is now at it again training up to 17-20 hours each week! Amazing!

As you can see, this young lady has not only got natural talent but she also has lots of grit and determination! We are so impressed by her.

We are now anxiously awaiting the results. The winner will be announced this Monday, March 29th.

Sofia, we appreciate and are so very proud of you! You’re a superstar and we want to thank you for being an inspiration and an awesome role model to all of us at Futuraskolan.



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