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Futuraskolan international School of Stockholm

Music @Kottla

New music website coming out of Kottla – May 15th stay tuned…

BBC Newsnight expose including words from Ferdie Sevilla

This week a film crew from the BBC did an expose on the Swedish government’s decision making regarding Covid-19. In the investigative phase of the video they came to discuss our strategies at Futuraskolan with Ferdie Sevilla, Principal of Futuraskolan International Gåshaga. BBC Newsnight Report It’s an interesting perspective on this complex situation. Thanks Ferdie […]

Futuraskolan places two schools in the Top 10 in Sweden – Information from the CEO – April 11, 2020

Good morning members of the Futuraskolan community, I write to you this morning to express my appreciation and gratitude for all of your tremendous efforts over the past academic year. This morning in Dagens Nyheter there was an article that compared the academic results of the various schools and municipalities in Sweden. Once again we […]

Futuraskolan Masterchef Junior 2020

The Futuraskolan Masterchef competition 2020 was another great success! In its second year students from throughout Futuraskolan gathered at Martin & Servera to participate. Fun and great cooking skills were on show and the trophy and bragging rights for the coming year goes to Futuraskolan International Stockholm. Sofia & Maximus made a well balanced fish […]

Community Development Agenda – Futuraskolan – March 13, 2020

Good afternoon amazing students of Futuraskolan, I hope you are all doing well and are ready for your hard earned, relaxing weekend 🙂 I am writing to you today just to reach out and check on you guys and to ask for your help. This whole Corona virus thing has me and many of you […]

Covid – 19 update

Good day members of the Futuraskolan community, Tuesday at 16:30 Folkhälsomyndigheten released an updated set of recommendations. The Public Health Authority sees signs of community dissemination in the Stockholm region and in the Västra Götaland region. The authority does not see public dissemination across the country, but the level of risk is now raised to the […]

Futuraskolan Global Citizenship Project – The Fusion in Motion 2020

More fantastic work from the trip to Legazpi City, Here you see the cultural and educational journey of 12 students and 9 staff members from Futuraskolan International Stockholm with their corresponding schools in Legazpi, Philippines.

Coronavirus Information Letter – Futuraskolan March 2, 2020

Good afternoon members of the Futuraskolan community, We hope this mail finds you all warm and relaxed after your family orientated holiday break. Given the international nature of our community and the return of our students from the February Sports Break, Futuraskolan feels the need to inform the community of our working status for the […]

Digital education in the community

Peacocks and Flamingos from Näsby Park went to Elderly Homie. The elderly residents and children did various activities together, such as making Valentine’s Day cards, telling stories, singing and playing games. This time we also introduced some ICT (digital education) activities to them.  They used some apps like Gravitarium, Garage band etc. They had so much […]

Swedish Ambassador Joins Futuraskolan in the Philippines

As the 2nd group adds to the numbers already in Legazpi City a special guest joins us on the trip. The Ambassador of Sweden to the Philippines Harald Fries was invited along to see the work and connections that have been made after 4 years of the Global Citizenship Project. This TV spot shows one […]