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Nobel day & Literary Prize

Good afternoon members of the Futuraskolan community and happy Nobel Day,

In celebration of Nobel Day I’d like to share for your reading pleasure the complete works of the Futuraskolan Literary Prize.

Sweden has a long and vibrant history of literary greats. Taking inspiration from them, we have constructed a yearly Literary Prize competition so that we can put the spotlight on the creativity and diverse wealth of Futuraskolan’s young contemporary authors.

All of the works you will read help to illuminate the vital contemporary issues and demonstrate the transformative power of literature on both thought and culture.

We are deeply honoured that our young artists chose to share their hearts and minds with us in the form of their essay or poetry entries to the prize.

The following are the writers from our schools who have been recognized for excellence in English writing and prose:


Colours of Autumn – The Different Phases of Life by Akshainie Sharan

We the Free Birds in the Zoo by Ella Nilsson

Syria by Duong Thuy Nguyen

Deadly Deception by Aimee Wark

A Man by Sara Bratt

Literary Prize Entry Piece by Julius Gorme

Life Sucks by Anonymous

The Ballade Train by Nessa Moran

Read them all here . Futuraskolan International Literary Prize – 2018


Thank you all . Tom Callahan CEO – Futuraskolan AB

Oskar’s Corner – A Seasonal Report from the Head Chef

Good afternoon members of the Futuraskolan community,

Happy Monday! What a lovely sunshiny autumn day it is.

It is a festive time of the year for us working in the food department. Preparing for next week’s Thanksgiving celebration, our Nobel Lunch on Monday December 10th and our annual “Julbord” served on Lucia Day, the 13th of December. We aim to provide a warm culinary experience for our fine students while celebrating our local and International traditions.

As always, working hard to find the right high quality produce and making the extra effort to work with distributors who represent the ethical values of Futuraskolan is a priority for us.

A great example of this is the pork meat and handmade sausages we buy from Svenska Gårdar. All of their meats are coming from farms prized for their animal welfare and the products are made without artificial additives.  This is important to us when we choose our purveyors as we aim to serve our students warm and healthy meals that also represent our core values.

Following these guidelines and ambitions, this season we will also be serving our students food that is:

Fresh:                 Never frozen, avoiding semi-finished products.

Swedish:           Local produce, aiming for short transport and low CO2 footprint.

Seasonal:          Produce in season are flavourful and are sold at the best possible price

Once our students have left us for the holidays, the head chefs and I will start writing the menu for the spring semester. Combining the wishes from our students from the Student Councils (Elevsråd) in the organization and adhering to the guidelines the authorities gives us, we aim to prepare student friendly, healthy choices for our fine students lunch experience.

You can find our menu at: https://skolmaten.se/futuraskolan-international/. And if you have questions or concerns about our processes please give me a mail or a call, or drop by my office at Erik Dahlbergsgatan for a coffee and a chat.

We are grateful for your efforts and support and are always eager to receive your feedback.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and we wish you a warm and family orientated Holiday Season from all of us at Futuraskolan AB.


Oskar Hagdahl

Head Chef – Futuraskolan AB

Halloween @Danderyd Preschool

A spooky day has been had by all at Futuraskolan International Preschool Danderyd.

Pumpkins, ghosts, spooks, witches and ghouls we’re out to fright and delight!


Welcome Rachel! Futuraskolan International Gåshaga

Good afternoon members of the Futuraskolan community,

It is with excitement and joy that I write to you today to formally introduce the newest member of our Futuraskolan Leadership Team, Ms. Rachel-Ann Björk. Rachel will assume the leadership of our Futuraskolan International Gåshaga school effective December 1, 2018.

Rachel’s work was first introduced to me when she was named Head of Mathematics at Internationella Engelska Skolan Bromma in 2010. During our time working together she constructed a sound set of academic processes that helped place IESB among the top 20 academic institutions in Sweden.

In time Rachel was entrusted with an expanding set of leadership assignments. She was a member of the team that opened IES Liljeholmen in 2013. As a result of her exemplary work there she was assigned the task of opening three other schools over the coming years, concluding with her accepting the Principal role at IES Alvsjö in 2016.

Rachel brings a dynamic and progressive set of leadership processes to the organization. We are thrilled that she has chosen to honor us by agreeing to work alongside us in our pursuit of excellence.

Welcome Rachel!


Tom Callahan

Öppet hus Bergtorp 24 oktober

Stockholm Bilingual ”Forskar Fredag”



Grade 9 students from Futuraskolan ISoS – Bilingual attended a mega science event ”Forskar Fredag” in Stockholm and were featured in their published video, check it out!

Rådan Students on Lilla Aktuellt

Students from Futuraskolan International Rådan appear in a segment discussing #metoo a year on since the internet hashtag was spawned. skip to 4:15 Lilla Aktuellt

Autumn Words from CEO

Good afternoon members of the Futuraskolan community,

I hope this post finds you cozy, warm and inside from the autumn chill. The season of harvest brings a new phase in our year, as the efforts of yesterday begin to bear fruit.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the amazing parents and teachers in our community for your outstanding efforts over the previous academic year. Just last week Skolverket released their formal statistics for the year, and once again your efforts and engagement have resulted in a set of impressive academic results at the hands of our fine student body.

There are different ways to measure students’ academic progress and personal growth. Still, summative results can best be viewed as a matter of fact, and not opinion. This year our amazing grade 6 students have passed all of their subjects at an 88.8% success rate. When comparing this result to other free school organizations (Internationella Engelska Skolan’s result was 86.5%, and Acadamedia’s result was 79.7%) we can see that your dedication and diligence has resulted in an impressive set of standards achieved by the students in our care.

Furthermore, when we dig deeper and focus our attention on our 9th graders merit points we see that your efforts have led to once again an exemplary performance. Our students left grade 9 last year with a 275.2 grade point average. When compared to the previously stated free schools (Internationella Engelska Skolan’s result was 272.8, while Acadamedia’s was 244.8) we have every reason to conclude that the support members of the organization have truly made a positive impact.

They say that it takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a community to create a culture. Parents and teachers, thank you for your dedication, your efforts and your passionate diligence in helping to guide our fine students in this personal growth process based on academic success. You stand out as amongst the most successful academic organizations in Sweden, and for that we commend you.

And I know you would all agree that our deepest respects today go out to the amazing students in our care.

Students, you have achieved what no previous student group at Futuraskolan has ever achieved. You have done so in a world that is multifaceted and complex. You have done so in a world where dialogue is often replaced by rhetoric, and discord has been replaced by dissent.

Yet still you persevere. With your compassion, your creativity, your intuition and intellect, you have managed to transcend the global condition brought forth by your elders to help make this world a more conscious and caring community. For this we salute you. And please know that I am confident that I speak for all of the elders in the Futuraskolan community:

We are proud of you.

Thank you all once again for your dedicated efforts in helping make Futuraskolan the leading free school organization in Sweden.

I am honored to have my name placed beside your work.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Tom Callahan

Words from the new CEO

Good day,

My name is Tom Callahan and I am honored to have been chosen to assume the role of acting CEO of Futuraskolan. I am the proud father of Cassandra and Julius (ages 16 and 18) and live with them in Tyresö. During my free time I like to go running, I am a scuba diving instructor so I love to scuba dive and I am a huge Seattle sports fan.

My role in the organization is to develop the various groups in the community (parents, students and teachers) so that we together can provide a vibrant and stimulating environment where students can achieve their goals in relation to the Swedish National Curriculum. Our aim is to provide a safe and welcoming learning environment where students are valued and challenged. My ultimate aim is for all the students in the organization to leave grade 9 with a reason to feel proud of themselves.

My motivation mainly comes from my schooling many years ago. For a few of my teenage years, school and I did not agree with each other. I had family and personal events outside of school that were very impactful to me and made me question my personal value. Luckily, I had a few adults who never gave up on me, who were firm yet gentle in their handling of me, and who instilled in me the belief that I could go wherever my wishes took me as long as I was willing to take the steps to get there. This inspired me to go into teaching. I will never forget when, as a student in teachers college, I was assigned an inner city school group in America to work with. Many of these students were from disadvantaged homes and one thing that I saw was a key component of their success was how much I proved to them that I believed in them. I left this teaching assignment with a clear belief that I still hold to this day, that sometimes the only thing a person needs to start on the road to success is for someone to believe in them.

I will be employing this philosophy every day in the various schools and preschools in the organization. By looking for student success, leading the staff by introducing them to new learning theories and models of instruction and holding parent seminars where we can share our common ideas and perspectives about the development of the respective schools and preschools I hope to foster a vibrant and cooperative learning organization that is both student centered and ambitious in scope. My ultimate aim is to develop the community so that we are working together towards a common goal. This goal is student growth through academic achievement.

You will be able to find me in front of the schools or preschools in the mornings greeting the students as they arrive, in my office during the day, or by mail or phone outside of normal working hours.

We have a progressive and dynamic organization built on an amazing teaching staff and an engaged and supportive group of parents.

I encourage you to come have a look around, try our lunch in one of our fine lunchrooms, and see our spectacular teachers and students at work. Or, stop by for a coffee and a chat with me here at headquarters.

Your perspective is important to us so please make your opinion known. Then we are better able to share in our common goal of developing productive and capable future world citizens.

Have a fantastic afternoon!

Sincerely yours,

Tom Callahan

Words from the CEO, June 2018

Another successful and intensive academic year has come to an end. In our pre-schools and schools we have prepared for the end of the school year and upcoming summer holidays, and it´s time to summarize a fulfilling and exciting year. I am proud to be part of leading school development, as a lot of positive things are happening within the school system right now, especially at Futuraskolan International. A highlight during the academic year has been Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm being accredited as the second school worldwide, for its work within the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC). This is a fantastic achievement and the school is now accredited in both the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC). A big thank you to everyone involved in the work that lies behind this recognition and congratulations on the accreditation!

In general we have continued to focus on learning and the development of formative assessment. By highlighting good examples, we develop ourselves as a learning organization and take advantage of all the knowledge and skills available in Futuraskolan International pre schools and schools, building a strong culture of learning. During the year we have also developed a common definition of learning and our own definition of an international mindset, both of which are supporting parts of our learning model linked to IPC / IMYC. This is to consolidate a common language and further strengthen our international model.

The theme of this year’s International Conference at the Educational Collaborative for International Schools (ECIS) was ”Language and Design of Learning”. In view of Futuraskolan International’s vision and being a Bilingual organization, it was very pleasing to take part in Ellen Bialystok’s research on Bilingualism and learning. Studies show that bilingualism affects the opportunities for learning more than we had previously understood. Living in a bilingual environment from infancy positively affects a child’s perception, mental abilities and flexibility and can give benefits throughout life. The research suggests that it may also help delay the development of dementia in elderly people. So congratulations to everyone for being in a Bilingual environment! You will keep your brains alive and sharp! For those who are interested in knowing more, this clip, where Ellen talks about the research on Bilingualism, is recommended.

The good leadership

The importance of good leadership cannot be emphasized enough and to me, a clear and delegated leadership is the foundation of Futuraskolan International. Our skilled principals, pre school principals and other leaders within the organization are professionals in making strategic decisions and making the right decisions needed in the moment. I believe in a distributed leadership exercised through principals and pre school principals who under their own responsibility build their organization and lead their employees. Employees, in turn, exercise their leadership in teaching with the students’ learning in focus. My role as CEO is to create the right organizational conditions and to point out the long-term educational direction in order to create the best conditions for student learning. In this context, I want to highlight the importance of having the right person in the right place, and I want to point to three parts, which I consider have become even more important in the process of change schools and Futuraskolan International are in. These are recruiting, developing and retaining.

Recruiting employees with the right skills and attitudes that share our vision, promise and our core values ​​is very important. The fact that employees have formal skills is important, but equally important is that we get employees with the right drive and attitude. Or with Dylan Williams’s words: ”The only thing I want to see in the educational context is people who really want to teach others something. Only they will invest as much power as actually is needed to become good teachers”. Experience is important, but for me, attitude and ambition also weigh heavily. If there is a difference between two candidates, it´s not only important to decide who is the best one at the moment, but which of the candidates has the highest potential to develop. Who’s the most successful one in the long run?

One of my most important (and perhaps most fun) assignments as a leader is to help other people grow, develop and blossom. An organization that allows employees to be responsible for their growth grows itself- both by the added value created in terms of the knowledge provided, but also through the positive culture that is created when employees drive development together. A positive consequence of the situation in today’s labor market is that employees begin to understand their value and what they want from an employment. A market-based salary is of course important, but also that there are opportunities for education and career opportunities. By offering our employees long-term and cohesive educational opportunities, where their skills develop, we will also raise our students’ study results. It also leads us to create good conditions for retaining talented employees when we build our organization through community, well-being and the opportunity to develop in the profession. My goal as CEO is for Futuraskolan International to always keep skilled employees. Yet at the same time, a natural mobility is a part of reality. A staff member leaving also means that recruitment can take place and that new blood and new energy may come in and add color to the organization.

A big thank you to all the employees, students and parents for everything you contributed during the year. Together we make Futuraskolan International a place where people are visible, challenged and successful!

I wish you all a joyful summer holiday!


Peter Bergström, CEO