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Think global, act local!

More fantastic work from Futuraskolan International Bergtorp, please take the time to read this article on the actions the students are performing locally to help in the community, whilst having a larger, global picture in mind.

Think global, act local: the Swedish schoolchildren inspired by Greta

Listen to my voice

At Futuraskolan International Gåshaga preschool we make sure that our children feel that their voice is both important as well as heard.

Through child influence, children learn in a concrete way how democratic decision-making works. Child influence also strengthens the relationship between teachers and students and leads to greater acceptance of the decisions made. It can contribute towards useful knowledge to take responsibility, communicate, lead and listen to others. A child should have the opportunity to express his or her views freely on all matters concerning him or her. It is stated in the Convention on the Rights of the Child and in the Skollagen that the child’s opinions must be given importance in relation to the child’s age and maturity.

Gåshaga documentation – Tap HERE

Bergtorp Virtual Open House

Time to apply – Take a virtual look at Futuraskolan International Bergtorp.


Global Citizenship Project message

Enjoy some energy and thoughts as we send our love to the Philippines and the children, teachers, families and friends we share our open internationally minded programs with in Legazpi city. (Read more for Video)

Futuraskolan International Publishes Grade Statistics

Futuraskolan International today formally publishes the reported grade statistics for our compulsory schools year 9 students for 2019/2020.

It is our belief that transparent and reliable information is important in order for families in our communities to make an accurate school choice for their children. The freedom to choose the school or program that best suits a child’s ambitions is a family’s right that we are proud to support. In order for this freedom to be best utilized, updated and clear information about every school’s performance should be available and easy to find.

Futuraskolan publishes these results independently because the National Agency for Education (Skolverket) has come to the conclusion that they no longer can publish these results based on a ruling from the Administrative Court. Futuraskolan supports the initiatives to change the current legislation so that the statistics can be published by the authorities once again.

School Number of students grade point average % who passed all subjects % who qualified for a University preparatory program % who qualified for a vocational program
Futuraskolan International Stockholm 24 306.58 100 100 100
Futuraskolan International Kottla 109 285.68 98.16 100 100
Futuraskolan International Bergtorp 166 266.2 95.18 97.59 97.59
Futuraskolan International Hertig Karl 25 274.84 92 96 96
Futuraskolan International Rådan 24 292.92 95.83 95.83 95.83


We are proud of the results our teachers and students achieve each year. By employing a comprehensive and systematic approach to student academic achievement and personal growth, our teachers are able to facilitate the learning of the national goals with consistent proficiency. This approach draws on Digital Learning Strategies and connects to the UN Sustainable Goals in every one of our schools and preschools learning units.


Letter from the CEO – Futuraskolan’s students set an impressive new standard

Good morning members of the Futuraskolan International community,

I write to you this morning to express my appreciation and gratitude for all of your tremendous efforts over the past academic year. Late last week we had our final grades for the term reported and confirmed with Skolverket and the results reflect the high expectations and ambitious standards of all of us who are a part of the Futuraskolan movement.

In 2018-2019 the following free school organizations grade 9 graduating class achieved the following grade point averages:

Futuraskolan 277.18
Internationella Engelska Skolan 271.0
Kunskapsskolan 260.6
Vittra 239.7
Academedia 231.0
Thoren 224.5
Europaskolan 241.4

This year as a result of the inspired work of our amazing teachers and support staff our grade 9 average was 277.58.

Your efforts and dedication have once again placed us in the position to be recognized as the most successful free school organization in Sweden.

With structured and engaging leadership, a top flight staff of personnel and an ambitious academic program in place, it’s no surprise that your work has resulted in this recognition.

These results speak loudly of the impressive efforts of the entire organizational community.

Every morning the teams at our production kitchens prepare a green salad, a carbohydrate salad, a mixed salad, a vegetarian main course and a general main course. The lunch is then delivered to our various schools and preschools. After being put on display the kitchen staff help make sure our kids are fed, while moving through their lunch schedule, all with an encouraging voice and a smile on their face. That’s an impressive feat! One that deserves recognition and attention.

Our cleaning crews make sure we have warm and welcoming learning environments to enter every morning. Our maintenance team is top notch, and our IT Development team keep the entire organization moving forward and running smoothly. They and our amazing collection of international pedagogues and care givers deserve our thanks for consistently delivering our ambitious programs and policies in a compassionate, vibrant and progressive way.

Probably the most unsung heroes of this accolade are the parents and families in our community. Parents are often the forgotten resource in schools these days. You’re the ones who sit and do homework with your kids at night. You’re the ones who check their planners. You make sure they exercise and eat right. Your engagement on the organizational surveys is always on a high percentage. You’re all taking turns as class representatives. We never have parents skip student development talks. You’re vocal, and engaged and your feedback over the year has helped us to more effectively adjust to the needs of the various members of the community.

Please take the time this time to reflect on the impressive standard you all have set for our students’ academic and social development. In working towards our aim of being an innovator in global education our efforts always begin at home. Fortunately, your work over the past year have placed us in a position to excel beyond our current grasp.

Thank you for all of your tremendous efforts and dedication everyone. I’m honoured to be working alongside of you and am confident that Futuraskolan will continue to be the industry standard through the 2020-2021 academic year and far beyond.

Have a fantastic summer everyone.


Tom Callahan

CEO – Futuraskolan AB

”Our Future is on Fire” – Art exhibition, Lidingö

Right now Futuraskolan International Kottlas students show their work in the exhibition: ”Our Future is on Fire”. The exhibition is a collaboration between the local UN-association at Lidingö and Futuraskolan International Kottla. The exhibition is open until the 12th June in Lidingö City Hall.

Feeding Program going strong.

Dear all

Congratulations Futuraskolan International Näsby Park, Skarpäng and Danderyd !! You are all amazing!!

Our amazing staff, parents and children have been working really hard to raise money towards our Feeding Program in the Philippines. It’s been a tough journey, especially with the Covid-19 situation.

But, as true Global Citizens, we understand what resilience means! ’We work hard, we are creative and we never give up!

Children have been doing Recycle crafts to sell, they have been painting, sculpting and baking.

Parents have supported us all the way and we have all joined forces in order to contribute and make a difference.

Our Market day became ” Corona Market” and even outside, with 2 meters distance from each other, parents and children participated and contributed!

Thank you for your amazing efforts !

To finalize our efforts, we sold Toilet paper and Paper towels !

YES we are creative!!!

Once again, everybody  joined forces and contributed!! I am happy to announce that we have raised 24.000kr only with the Market day and Toilet paper sales! We had already raised 15.000kr during Lucia and Halloween.

All together we raised 39.000kr!!

This is amazing!

We are now waiting to see the results from our other pre-schools

but I´m sure we have already reached our goal :

To feed 50 children for a whole year at Imalnod Elementary school!

Here is some more information about the project:
Feeding Program – Global Citizenship Project Website


A world of MUSIC awaits…

The average person is estimated to listen to around 3500 songs a year! Or around 1650 hours a year; which would equate to more than 1/10 of your waking lifetime. That’s a lot! 

The students at Kottla have created a website to share in their love of music and with the help of their music teacher Julian this is what they have come up with. Check out a podcast, read some history or browse an opinion piece there is something for everyone.


Helping communities near and far.

We have a new article published in The Local today. HERE

It demonstrates how Futuraskolan International has stayed active helping in the community, in new and inovative ways.