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Futuraskolan international School of Stockholm

Model United Nations competition

Good morning,
We are thrilled and proud to be sending this fantastic group of students and teachers to the annual Model United Nations competition at John Cabot University in Rome.
At the conference the students will represent their assigned countries in committee debates and the general assembly on issues such as combating terrorism, providing humanitarian aid to underdeveloped countries and ensuring democracy and human rights across the globe. It’s an amazing opportunity for them to develop their skills and widen their perspectives.
Kids, nothing that will happen during these sessions will surprise you. You’ve done your research, you’ve honed your skills in mock debate sessions in the classroom. It’s time to take those skills into the global arena.
When representing the Republic of Congo (Siri) you will predictably be attacked by the American delegation who will say that you have to implement a more severe penal code for your citizens. You will counter that the international community has the ethical obligation to provide support for underdeveloped countries in need.
This is where battle lines are drawn. You are armed with depth of your knowledge and the truth of your perspective. This is not a dress rehearsal. Lives are at stake.
It’s time to rock and roll!!
We are proud of you, we believe in you, and we rest secure knowing that it is you who will represent our fine school, community and country.
Dea, Gael and Chris, thank you for your tireless efforts to provide this opportunity to these young men and women. I’m blessed to work with professionals with such passion and dedication as yourselves.
Please send your good energy and love to these guys as they embark on this adventure. They will return tired, emotionally drained, and with a more compete global perspective.
And thank you all for being an active part of this amazing school community. These events don’t happen as the result of an effort by one, the happen as the result of a collective movement.
I am grateful for you all for helping foster this shared vision.
Have an awesome week everyone.
Sincerely yours,