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Futuraskolan international School of Stockholm

Futura Games 2015

Rain transcended onto the ready marked out bränboll pitches at Tantalundan Bollplan at 8.30 am. Was this to be the outlook of the day for the eagerly awaited tournament? Thankfully not… The sky’s brightened as the first set of schools arrived to compete in this annual Futura Competition.

7 grade 3 classes, aloft with banners and songs, from all the Futura Skolor tested their skills against each other. The matches were full of energy and excitement with every student giving their all for their team. Even the returning rain could not dampen their spirits and desire to progress!

The games were close and the tournament table even closer. Over winners being Hertig Karl, with another 3 schools tying for 2nd place. Congratulations Hertig Karl in your victory, but more so to each individual that gave it their all. Everyone left the Bollplan with their head’s held high and the drive to make the next step into their future!


Track and Field

The forecast for the Athletics Meet was a little brighter with the heavens only opening once for a brief time!
10 Futura classes competed against and with each other in 9 specially selected events. 3 of which would result in medals. The students fought teeth and nail to be victorious in every event, with some pushing themselves right to the limit for their goal. This passion and energy was a pleasure to watch and be inspired by. Each event tested their desire and determination to achieve, with progression and development visible througout the meet.
The medals went out to:
60 METRE SPRINT Albert Henriksson Bergtorp 6D2 Isak Franzen Rådan Adam Ecuerberg Bergtorp 6D1
LONG JUMP/LÅNGHOPP Isak Franzen Rådan Markus International Albert Henriksson Bergtorp 6D2
SHOT PUTT/KULSTÖTNING Christofer Bergtorp 6D1 Isak Franzen Rådan Alexander Bergtorp 6D1
60 METRE SPRINT Julia Vikström Stockby 6B Jennifer Ravelius Hertig Karl Sanna Norberg Stockby 6B
LONG JUMP/LÅNGHOPP Jennifer Raveluis Hertig Karl Evelyn Lindahl Hertig Karl Cornelia Stockby 6B
SHOT PUT/KULSTÖTNING Jennifer Raveluis Hertig Karl Tingting Bergtorp 6D2 Irma Bergtorp 6D2


The team events in 60 metre Relay and Team Challenge were both won by Lidingö International 6B.

A huge congratulations to those winning athletes, as well as, all the athletes that participated in the Games. Without your togetherness the meet could never have reached the heights that it did. So from all involved thank you.

An extra special thank you must go out to all the Grade 9 Volunteers that gave their time up to manage the activities on both days. They worked their socks off in the pursuit for excellence and to give the competitors a positive experience that they can hold with them for years to come.
Planning has already started on the Futura Games 2016, but until then soak in shots, throws, jumps and sprints that you put your heart and soul into…
Richard Bond
Idrottslärare, Futuraskolan Gåshaga